The Things You Find When You’re Not Looking

my wedding I am a person that LOVES love letters.  I just remembered why:  My Dad was the world’s GREATEST writer of them.  Imagine my surprise, 30 years later, to stumble upon the sweetest, most tender love letter of my life, beautifully hand written and mailed to me (even though we lived under the same roof!), on the evening of our LAST Father-Daughter dance together?1984 father daughter

I have a wonderful friend who asked me about 22 years ago what my “wish list” of characteristics was for my husband.  She laughed for days when I readily spouted off that my future husband MUST be the following:

  • Intelligent
  • Funny
  • Great with words
  • Good dancer
  • Handsome
  • Successful
  • ADORING of me (I think I ended the list by saying, “Oh, and he MUST cherish me!).

Imagine the stabbing pain in my heart as I held this beautiful letter, 30 years later, and realized DAD WAS MY FIRST LOVE!!!!!  Lucky, lucky girl.

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  1. henmalin says:

    Beautiful! I think Dad made all (including Mom) 6 of his girls feel very loved and special. How blessed we were!


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