I Wanted My Son to Be Happy But on MY Terms

Oh how very much we have learned in the past two years about our beautiful son and what motivates him.  This article is practically verbatim what we have gone through.  And how happy I am to say our son is THRIVING.



We want our kids to be happy more than we ever wanted it for ourselves. With all the planning, supporting, and goal-setting, how could it not be working?

Source: I Wanted My Son to Be Happy But on MY Terms

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  1. So glad your son is thriving. The article you linked spoke to me in many ways. I recognized myself, my husband and our two kids in the author’s son. It’s hard isn’t it? Figuring out how to let them be while worrying that perhaps we need to push more. I tend to pull back…and let them steer, but that seems harder as they get older and we’re surrounded with peers and families spouting off the criticalness (is that even a word?!) of checking all the boxes and getting the experiences pronto. Sigh… it’s a process and we’re getting there. I know you were worried about your boy, and it sounds like things are going well. Much love to you and your sweet family!


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